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I believe everyone would agree that the decision to hire an attorney is an important one, no matter what kind of legal issue is involved.  It is therefore my goal to provide potential clients not only with details about my education and experience, but also to provide some basic legal information.  I hope that information will help you make the decision to visit personally with me, so that we can investigate together how I might best assist you with your legal problem.

The Law Office of Kathleen E. Matheu is a solo general civil practice, which means that I am the only attorney in the law firm, and I handle all types of civil cases.  The majority of clients with whom I have consulted during the past thirty years have requested assistance in the areas of Family Law, Wills, Probate, and Estate Planning.  I also assist clients who need real estate documents and basic contracts prepared, reviewed, or enforced, or who wish to have a small business or corporation established.
Please take a few moments to CLICK on those areas of interest, review the information provided, and take the legal quiz.  You may be eligible for a fee discount, while at the same time learning more about our laws.

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