Attorney at Law

Attorney Philosophy

Particularly in the areas of family and probate law, which involve highly charged emotional issues, I know that decisions can be difficult to make, and a client consulting my services in one of these areas is often relying upon me to make those difficult decisions.   Each client is counting on me to be a good listener, a patient counselor, and someone who will also be the client’s strong advocate. For that reason, I pledge to each and every client that I will make those hard decisions.  I will do everything possible to insure the success of my client’s case, keeping in mind, at all times, both the best interests of my client and the State Bar Canons of Ethics and Disciplinary Rules which I am bound to uphold.

In addition to placing significant importance on my need to assist my clients with making the hard decisions which often arise, I also believe strongly in the importance of a client having a basic legal understanding of his or her case.  When a client is given a basic understanding of the law involved in his or her case, he or she is better able to evaluate his or her own position and to participate intelligently with me in the decisions or strategy which may be necessary. Contrary to those who believe that the law is too complicated and will only confuse clients, I believe that most clients do want to know more about what is at stake and what options are available to them.  I therefore provide considerable legal education, both in my office consultations and in packets of written materials handed out to my clients, to give them a basic understanding of the law and procedures involved in their particular case.