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It is my goal to educate my clients in ways which can assist them in understanding their rights and responsibilities when future legal issues arise. Whether someone is going through a divorce, or having to work with siblings to probate a parent’s estate, there is always something which can be learned and possibly put to good use sometime in the future.

The following quiz has been developed by me and is based upon the information provided throughout my web site and common misunderstandings which have been brought to my attention over the years.  Anyone who schedules a consultation with me and brings in this completed quiz will be entitled to a fee discount of $25.  

I hope you will take this opportunity to test yourself and see what you may have already learned about the law. 
Click here to print this quiz, pencil in your answers, and bring it into the office to receive your fee discount


1) Mary Jones and Bill Johnson had lived together for 20 years. They shared their income and their bills. Their friends teased them all the time about when they were going to get married, and they would only smile. When Bill suddenly passed away, Mary visited with an attorney to see if she would be able to inherit from Bill as his “common law” wife. Do you think Mary and Bill had a “common law” marriage?

ANSWER:      YES      No

2) John and Susan Williams visited with an attorney to have their wills prepared. They had been married for 10 years, had no children together and had purchased a home during their marriage. Susan had grown children from a prior marriage. If Susan passes away before she can sign a will, who will inherit Susan’s interest in the home she and John purchased?


3) Liz is a 15 year old sophomore in high school when she becomes pregnant. The father of her baby is Chris, a 16 year old boy who is a junior at her high school. When Liz has her baby, will she be able to get child support from Chris?

ANSWER:      YES      NO

4) Mr. Jones is a widower. His wife of 40 years died two years ago. Before she died, his wife made out a will leaving the house and all of the rest of her property to her husband. Mr. Jones believes that all he has to do is show his wife’s will to the realtor handling the sale, and he will be able to sell their house. Is Mr. Jones correct?

ANSWER:     YES      NO

5) Craig is the father of a child born out of wedlock; Sandra is the child’s mother. While Sandra allowed Craig to visit with their baby soon after it was born, she has now stopped allowing such visits. Does Craig have the right to go to Court to insist upon certain legal rights to the child?

ANSWER:      YES      NO

6) If you are divorced and your husband takes your child across state lines to visit his mother, without your permission, during his visitation time, is he guilty of kidnapping?

ANSWER:      YES      NO

7) If you are married and both you and your wife are employed, the wages which you receive are considered your “separate” property.


8) A spouse will not be entitled to receive the vehicle which is titled in the name of the other spouse and purchased during the marriage if the parties obtain a divorce.


9) If your spouse is scheduled to pick up your children for a visit during your divorce, and your spouse is 10 minutes late, you are not required to let the children go for that visit.


10) A copy of a will cannot be used in Court after someone passes away; only the original will can be used.


Click here to print this quiz, pencil in your answers, and bring it into the office to receive your fee discount.