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Upcoming Event

April 20, 2019 - 2:00 pm - Attorney Kathleen E. Matheu will be holding a Free Women's Legal Workshop to discuss estate planning, separate property, probate, parent rights, grandparent's rights, custody issues, divorce, and land ownership. She will be taking questions from those that attend and will try to discuss all issues.

Registration is required to attend. This registration is only to have an expected headcount and a list of topics that are of interest to those attending. Please call or stop in to the office to register. Kathleen Matheu's office is located at 50 W. Cedar Avenue in Coldspring or call 936-653-8888.

Katheen Matheu has been in practice over 35 years in San Jacinto and Harris counties. She has won the SJC Best Attorney award many times including this past year (2018). Please take time to browse this website to learn more about services available.